EXAKTA Varex IIa or VX IIa

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or VX IIa

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Exakta II A, #900772, version 4
This camera is the rare version 4 of the Exakta VX IIa. The front plate was hammered where there was the embossed inscription "Varex IIa", then was resilvered and then engraved. Some of these cameras
have the inscription "USSR OCCUPIED" (this engraving is different from the A&R example, which is "USSR Occup. Germany".) on the
base. Extremely rare in Europe. Shutter  works. Nameplate has dull matte chrome finish. Exakta is embossed, IIa is engraved with no paint in the engraving.

The value of this camera is growing up (I saw one of them sold for around 600 dollars. Pay attention to the possibility of fakes and look at the details of the frontplate.

We can call Version 4 variants the following cameras, even if they have not the same number batch of the preceding one and if they have not the engraved inscription on the bottom. Hereafter two frontplates even one of them has not the embossed Exakta.

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