Here you can find detailed information about the rarest Ihagee camera. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

Ihagee Jr (the rarest)
I had one (bought from David Woodford, at those times he was my contact at Jessop’s, London). I did not know which version it was. Stein Falchenberg wrote me... You can read more information about this very rare camera on the following pages where you can find the survived ones (found trough internet).

Later I found the one I own:
Body number 413629

Ihagee Jr Classification

The camera is in nice condition, the curtains are fine and the leatherette is very good everywhere. On this page (page 2) you can look at the details.

The camera is in very fine condition. Works.

“You should be very pleased to have got one of the rare and little known Ihagee Jr. cameras. I have known of these cameras for many years..."
Look at the 3rd page if you wish to read more and to find the list of survived Ihagee Jr cameras.

It’s been found that most of the prewar Exaktas have dates written in pencil on the back of their mirrors. This could lead to a lot more knowledge of prewar Ihagee cameras in regards to production if we collect enough numbers over time.Most dates are..
(continues - 4th page)

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