The unique Junior C, a never heard camera
Original Junior leatherette, C back, numbered distance ring.. Everyone of us knows the Exakta Junior, few of us knows the Ihagee Junior, but nobody knows the Exakta Junior C. I bought it by Jay O. Tepper, USA, when he was in West Hartford.


VP Jr unique Version C
If you look at the front of this camera you can classify it as a Exakta Junior. But if you look at the back you can find the C back. A distance ring is needed and you look for it. You find it. So this camera is not the usual Jr. It is a very rare camera.

You can find more information on third page of this pdf. The camera is in very nice condition. As you can see the height of the thread is so high to use the distance ring, while on other Jrs this is impossible (my opinion: this means that the lens was made expressly for this camera).

This camera is a Junior, version 2, as you can see on Aguila & Rouah book. The back is the same of the C. The ring has the same body number, and the engraving is like that of other Cs I own.


Some years ago the late Stein Falchenberg was making a research on the early Exakta VP and was collecting information. I sent him the photos of this camera and of the Ihagee Junior. A few days after he replied: ... Regarding your Jr with plate back, it is certainly the only one I have heard of...
continues on the page 3 of the pdf file

Leather case
Body N. 470030
VP Junior Variant C - jpg


If you ask to Douglas St.Denny, the Editor of, he knows that this camera was referred him by a well-known collector (I think to remember he was Myron Wolf) This is the only one I found during years.


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