Here you can find few lines for each version of the VP C model. The first link is towards the pdf file while the second one is towards a photo of the camera. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

VP C Version 1
This camera is like the VP B version 4 (two pins vacublitz socket). Of course there is the matching intermediate ring. The camera works fine, the condition is cosmetically exc /at less). The curtains are in fine condition.

Leather case.
Body N. 456816
VP C Version 1 - jpg


VP C Version 2
This camera is like the B Version 6, chrome, in working order even if the left curtain often stops before closing. Curtains very good, cosmetically fine.

Body number 515084
leather case
VP C Version 2 - jpg


VP C Version 3
I never saw this version before buying this camera (by post) from a shop in Wien. When the camera arrived I wrote to the seller. The original lens mount was replaced by a VP B and, of course the numbered ring was missing. I added this strange Schneider lens to increase the oddity! This A version is very rare and I thought to replace the lens mount from another chrome B version to make this camera complete, but...

VP C Version 3 - jpg


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