Here you can find few lines for each version of the VP B model. The link under the small images is towards the pdf file. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

VP B Version 1
I never saw it except for the one on the Aguila & Rouah's book (Exakta Cameras 1933-1978). I know (he wrote me) that Gary Cullen owns one. The lens diameter was 39,5mm at 0,5mm pitch. However the release safety mechanism, first introduced with Model A, 2nd version, was fitted to Model B cameras from the start.

VP B Version 234 - 180k
This camera is in bad functional condition, bad curtains, the lever doesnít reload the shutter, the ground glass is missing, mirror with some discoloration but cosmetically fine, good for display. I bought it because of its film window (professionally made) and take-up spools for 828 film, the same used by the Kodak Bantam cameras.

Exaktar 3,5/7.5cm 599725.
Body number 410878

VP B Version 234 - 467k
Lens lock on the right hand side while there is the (surely added) bipolar flash plug (like in the version 4). In the traditional version 2 there is the milled knob instead of lever, so I called this camera Version 2-3-4 (the 4 is for the bipolar plug). Cosmetically good, bad curtains (needs to be replaced)

Exaktar 3,5/7.5cm 615477.
Body number 410878

Vp B Version 23 - 328k
Lens lock on the right hand side while in the traditional version 2 there is the milled knob instead of lever, so I called this camera Version 2-3. Cosmetically fine, curtains pinholed even if the camera works well.

Xenar 2.9/7.5 597185Body number 412269

VP B Version 3 - 344k
Lens lock on the left hand side - no bipolar flash plug, Tessar 2.8/ 7.5 cm 1580133. Camera in great condition, works well, curtains fine.

Body number 422911
Leather case

VP B Version 4y 329k
Distance scale in yards, the only one I saw during 30 years. Cosmetically fine except for paint loss on the engraved logo (front plate). Curtains do not work.

Body number 431840Tessar 2.8/7.5 cm 2020575

VP B Version 4m 295k
Zeiss 2.8/7.5 1695350 - Distance scale in meter - Black speed dial (There are cameras with the chrome dial like mine 479315). Camera work well, fine curtains, cosmetically fine.

Body number 448714

VP B Version 4m 329k
Distance scale in feet, usually to find as in meters. Cosmetically very fine. Curtains work (low with slow speeds).

Body number 466346
Tessar 2.8/7.5 cm 2047803

VP B Version 4chr - 316k
Usually the two holes connection VP (V 4) had serial numbers below 480000 (I had ten of them) and the chrome version (V 6) is in the range 515000-535000 (I must find an article by Tim Sharples, where he writes about ranges of the different models). This camera was made few months after Version 4 so I call it V 4chrome. The camera works and it is in fine condition.

Body number 489771

VP B Version 5 - 322k
T.M and Reg. on the front plate. The difference with the version 4 is the third hole to fix the flash connection. The camera is in very fine condition, works well even if the curtains are pinholed.

Body number 544447

VP B Version 6 - 366k
This is the the version 6, like the version 4chrome + third hole, or like the version 5 in chrome. This camera is in very fine condition and works well.

Body number 516036

VP B Version 7 - 368k
The difference with the version 5 is the circular front plate. to fix the flash connection. The camera is in fine condition, works well and the curtains are in good condition.

Leather case
Body number 543995


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