Here you can find few lines for each version of the VP A model. The first link is towards the pdf file while the second one is towards a photo of the camera. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!
The first Exakta for 127 film
VP A Version 1 - 337k
This was the first Exakta! This version is very rare with its 22mm in diameter milled knob for film transport and shutter tensioning. The lens thread diameter is 39,5 mm with 0,5mm pitch. This camera is in very fine condition, except the left curtain (as often happens, wrinkled). The camera works but the curtains must be registered. No sun and moon over logo Ihagee.

Body number 403455
Fine leather case.
VP A Version 1 - jpg

VP A Version 2 - 330k
This is the second version of the VP A, made in 1933. The pitch is 0,75mm while the knob diameter increases to 26mm. The lens is cloudy and the black paint shows corrosion near the speed dial. The camera is in good condition except the curtains who are dry and pinholed. The synch plug on the left side was added.

Body number 412148
leather case (first type)
VP A Version 2 - jpg


VP A Version 3 - 373k
This 3rd version is like the preceding one except for the lens infinity lock lever (now on the left hand side). The camera is in avg condition, the curtains are bad even if the shutter fires.

Body number 420558
leather case (first type)
VP A Version 2/3 - jpg

Vp A Version 4 - 290k
This is one of the two 4th versions (2 and 3 holes for flash connection). The camera doesn’t work (shutter locked), fine curtains, not fine cosmetically.

Body number 450097
leather case
VPA Version 4 - jpg

VP A Version 5 - 630k
This is the last version of the VP A, all chrome finish. The camera is in very fine condition and it works. In the pictures there is a white dust which can easily be removed.

Body number 533592
leather case
VP A Version 5 - jpg

VP A Version 5bis 630k
I added this camera to my collection for the film pressure plate (probably to use the Bantam 628 film). It looks professionally made like the rear window which was added up/down. The camera is in fine condition, but it doesn’t work (curtains, as usually).

Body number 543975 leather case
VP A Version 5bis - jpg


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