It was in February 1933, at the Leipzig fair, that the first Exakta Vest-Pockets models were presented, the production of which had started in 1932. The new era of the modern single lens reflex was beginning. The camera, with a 45 mirror and collapsible viewfinder, and using 127 type film which was widely used, enjoyed an immediate success, although it was to be criticized by the unconvinced adherents of the Leica and Contax... (this is the beginning of the text of Aguila and Rouah book)
I think these cameras are highly collectible, as for the many variants, as for they were the first reflex cameras for professional photographer, as because of the limited number for each model and version (except the VP B version 4), as because a lot of them were lost during the WW2. Do not miss them!
This was the first Exakta, known as the VP because of its 4x6,5cm format which had been made popular by the west Pocket Kodak. There are 5 versions of this model, the first one is the rarest.
These cameras were similar to the VP A, except for the shutter which had an additional mechanism operated by a knob situated on the other side of the top plate from the shutter speed dial.
The Vps were expensive so Ihagee decided to make the Exakta more accessible by semplifying its construction and creating a model which would be complementary to the range.

Help! (Jr owners, please give me few minutes of your time)
Please write me the following information: body number, lens number, sliding cover on the back door and wind lever (yes or not). I am working about a Jr classification
Vp Night
The name Night Exakta was given to indicate that it was intended for use in very low light, thanks to its wide aperture lens. The body was similar to the other models, except for the the milled ring diameter. 
In the thirties the glass plate was still used by amateurs, but especially by professionals so Ihagee offered an Exakta with a dual purpose back.
Rare Ihagee Jr
The late Stein Falchenberg wrote me: "You should be very pleased to have got one of the rare and little known Ihagee Jr cameras..."

Ihagee Jr classification

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Rare Exakta Jr C
Stein Falchenberg was making a research on the early Exakta VP. I sent him the photos of this camera and he replied: " i
s the only one I have heard of..."

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Lenses and Accessories
Hard to find: hood extensions in different models, extension tubes,  microscope attachments, Vacublitz flash, external synchronizers ... and some lenses.

Instruction books
2 pdf files to let you print your booklet