I saw this incredible auction few hours before the end. I was surprised when I was the successful bidder. Somebody is ready to pay a lot of money for a round magnifier Kine and the same bidder does not buy this rare, extremely rare, camera. After the payment I asked the seller something about the camera. He was so kind to reply promptly: "Twice a year in Naples there is a garage sale (people sells what they found in their attics...). Last year, before Xmas, I found this camera. The owner was an old lady who told me her late father was the owner. That's all. I liked it and I bought it. I searched on the web, I found your information about the rare Ihagee Juniors and I decided to sell it. I did not think to get so much money!". Through this message I knew this is the second camera (probably) sold in Italy.

As the Ihagee Jr (KC) has body number 418888 it is possible that after the first batch of around 50 cameras other few cameras were made before the introduction of the Exakta Jr.

Harry K. (NL collector) send me data about his Ihagee Jr: body number 418905, lens 668142, no cover on the back. This is the highest body number known.  

When I saw on ebay (H.T. was the seller) the Exakta Junior body number 419052, lens number 682677 (engraved on the back, not in the front) I bought it immediately to look at the differences with the preceding Ihagee Jrs: wind lever (!) instead of wind knob, 1/1000 on the speed dial, sliding cover on the back, sun logo on top of wlf. It is like the VP B 422911 (you can look at it clicking here)



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