EXAKTA CUTAWAY w/ Eye Level Finder & Pancolar 50mm/2 Lens
Masterfully Crafted!  Museum Quality!!

This beautifully crafted EXAKTA Cutaway has the following features:

    Eye Level Finder / Pancolar 50mm/2 Lens / Multiple cutaways to view all mechanisms in action / Fully functional mechanisms (cannot take pictures) / Immaculate condition / Encased in glass dome provided with standard tripod screw to secure camera

    As noted, this camera is fully functional.  Both curtains are new and shutter speeds, self-timer and flash syncs work perfectly.  The inside prism and ocular are visible.  The lens is sectioned 90 degrees, but the optical was left intact.  The focus obvious is sized but the diaphragm will stop down in manual or automatic mode to f11.  There is also a cutaway in the back at the diaphragm arm so that the mechanism can be viewed as it functions.  I have provided many pictures to show the detail. ebay text

There are a lot of interesting articles on
Ebay auctions. During December 2004 I found this rare VX IIa display cutaway camera. The start price was too high for me so I did not bid for it.
Fine quality photos. Click on the small pictures to enlarge them.