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Jr Classification
Here the survived Exakta Jrs.
Copyright 1996-2005 Maurizio Frizziero.


7 October 1994

The late Stein Falchenberg wrote me:

..surprisingly a sole Exakta Jr at 419059 (immediately after the Ihagee Jrs) and then the first batch of Exakta Jr from 429362 to 430270...

March 2005

Now I can add my recent addition, bought from Talimann (HT) which seems to be the first Exakta Jr known (body number 419052)


Hereafter you can find the body number, the lens number (all lenses are Ihagee Anastigmat ), the owners, and, where you read yes or not (cover), yes means that there is the red window sliding cover on the back.

Body N. Lens N. Note Max speed wind lever cover
419052 682677 MF 1/1000 yes yes
429664 696194 MF 1/500 no yes
429711 696236 MF 1/500 no yes
430260 696451 MF 1/500 yes yes
470030 721737 MF *Jr C !!! 1/500 yes plate back
490251 715936 MF 1/1000 yes yes
490524 737122 MF 1/500 yes yes
545657 736804 MF (chrome) 1/500 yes yes

Please write me the data of your camera so I can continue my list of Jrs
Usually you can find the lens number near the rear of the lens



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