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This is the message received by Miles Upton, about the earliest Ihagee:

I notice two (or perhaps 3) things which are different from the other Ihagee Jr.'s (but I don't have your experience with these rarities).

1. - No Sun and Moon on the hood (like an early A).
Perhaps the factory used no Sun and Moon logo on the early Ihagee Jr. since
there is already one engraved on the front plate of the camera?
2. - No guide or locking feature on the lens when pulled out. On the Exakta Jr.'s that I own, you pull out and turn to lock the lens in place. This camera has no lock or guide mechanism to prevent the lens tube from rotating.
The tube will rotate 360 degrees even when collapsed.
Perhaps this is the original design of the Jr. and the factory realized the difficulty of using a lens without a tube that locks into place? I think the
problem was fixed very fast.
I'll inspect the lens mount to see if this feature is original (or perhaps a
part is missing) when I disassemble the camera to find the mirror date.
3. - Location of serial number on the lens mount.

Ihagee Jr Classification
Few of them were made. Here the survived Ihagee Jrs.
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Here you can find the body number, the lens number (all lenses are Ihagee Anastigmat ), the owners, and, where you read yes or not, yes means that there is the red window sliding cover on the back.

Body no. Lens no. Owner/Bought in cover
413424 606071


no *
413432 606070

ZD / Germany

413485 606079

HS / Germany

413493 606089

RD / Germany

413518 607411

CT / Italy

413522 607451

MK / The Netherlands

413551 607433

HR / The Netherlands

413561 611129

GC / England

413580 607416

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413598 607455

MR / Usa

413629 611169

MF / England

413632 611174

KR / Usa

413634 611149

AD / England

418825 616235

KDA / Italy



418888 -

KC / England

418905 668142

HK / The Netherlands



Body no. Lens no. Owner/Bought in cover

And now we must follow the instruction received by Gary Cullen, 12.02.1999
Instructions for checking mirror dates on the Ihagee JR.
(and others)

It's been found that most of the prewar Exaktas have dates written in pencil on the back of their mirrors. This could lead to a lot more knowledge of prewar Ihagee cameras in regards to production if we collect enough numbers over time. Most dates are hand printed on the lower back edge of the mirror and can be seen by sliding the mirror down a few millimeters.
If the mirror has been replaced then there will likely be nothing there. Some cameras have the date written higher up on the mirror and that requires a full disassembly of the camera to remove the mirror. It's not known for sure what these dates mean but it is believed to be very close to the date of manufacture.
If anyone has any further information about this please contact us!
PLEASE: only attempt this if you are confident you can proceed without damaging your camera!

If you do not want to attempt this yourself but want to know if there is a date on your mirror I would recommend giving the camera with these instructions to a qualified camera technician.

This is for the Ihagee Jr but is similar for most other VP Exaktas as well.

1) remove the 4 front lens mount screws and remove the lens assembly.
2) set the shutter to "Z" and open the shutter, to release the shutter you will have to press down on the shutter lock release, it's the piece of thick wire sticking out of the bottom of the mirror box just under the light baffle plate. (easy to see)

3) pull the mirror back to its down position with your finger, it will stay there. (it will not damage the camera)
4) lift tabs on either end of mirror (see photo)
5) use the hook to pull the back of the mirror down about 5mm
6) look through the back at the exposed bottom edge of the mirror glass and check for a date. The camera in the photo has the number on the bottom right edge (as viewed in the photo) and it's 3/10/33. The serial number of the shown camera is 413561.

Good luck and BE VERY CAREFUL!

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