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Exakta VP A, Version 1
details and pictures, #403455

The first Vest Pocket Exakta, the first SLR for the 127 format, now discontinued by Kodak even if you can still find it from East Europe makers. In the pictures you can find some details (not all) of this camera so you can easily recognize it.

The first is the diameter of the wind-on knob (22mm against the 26mm in later versions). The locking lever for the infinity position is on the user's right-hand.

If you unscrew the lens the thread diameter is 39,5mm with 0,5mm pitch.
You can find more information on the Aguila & Rouah book. You can find it from professional camera dealers.

Here you can find some pictures of my camera (unusual to find in these exc++ condition). On the viewfinder cover there is not the "sun" under the logo Ihagee.

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Early VP A
A rare variant from Gary Cullen,
an early Exakta A #400075 with an unusual flat focusing scale.

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