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60th Kine Anniversary
An interesting leaflet by the Exakta Circle
Pre-production Kine Exakta (Part 1)
by Gary Cullen
Pre-production Kine Exakta (Part 2)
by Gary Cullen
Exakta Real
Aguila and Rouah's interesting booklet
The rare Ihagee Jr
Ihagee Jr classification and some other info...
Rare cameras
Five pages from "Exakta Times" by K. Rademaker
Exakta VP A Version 1
The first Vest Pocket Exakta for 127 film
Lens mounts
article by Klaus Wichmann, Exakta writer
Exakta Real *double*
a literary work by Aguila and Rouah
VX IIa Display Camera
Found on Ebay during 2004 December