Today Ebay auction is the my only source of new additions. I am lazy, I do not want to make long trips, I am tired on long phone calls with sellers, to search on the hundreds of dealers' sites on internet. Now I am happy when I find something rare on Ebay...
Underwater Exa Ia
Probably you think I am crazy but when I saw this item on Ebay I thought it had to be mine, like when, during my first years of collecting, I went to London at least twice a year to buy something special from Jessops, Christie's, Classic Collection...
The 15nd Ihagee Jr
And now they are 15! So now we know another rare Ihagee Junior. With this camera I had four of them: mine, the GC and the CT cameras and this last one. I bought it and I asked the seller something about. He wrote me a short history, how and where he found it, who was the owner... 
Now this camera went back to Germany and lives happy in the Klas D. A. collection!
The Exa Version 2
I have another one but as usually I
try to find a second one to keep the better camera. The coaxial flash sockets are black like in the following Exa Rheinmetall. Only around 10.000 were made and a lot of collectors do not own one. Now this camera is owned by an Italian collector, Domenico B.
VP A Version 1
There are very few cameras of the first version of the VP Exaktas. I bought it on ebay to have one for trade when I find something interesting that cannot be bought with money. The camera arrived with the mirror broken in two parts (I am looking for another one). Now this camera is owned by an Italian collector, Vittorio C.