This model was the last Ihagee to appear in the VX range (it had to be cheap and popular even if in those years the Canon FX had the same price!).  Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

Pre-production VX 500
# 0000069
As you can see from the body number, this is a rare pre-production camera. No flash symbol, like in the first batch of Exakta VX 500. This is the only Exakta VX 500 with the Ihagee name engraved. On the other Exakta VX 500 the inscription is “aus DRESDEN”. Cosmetically fine, curtains locked.

VX 500 (no flash symb)
Exakta VX 500, #1502295
rare with no flash symbol. Usually you can find the following model, with the flash symbol in the intermediate position between 1/30 and 1/60. The camera works.

Exakta VX 500

VX 500 (flash symbol)
Exakta VX 500, #1512400
The speed dial was modified and an intermediate speed of 1/40 second was added for electronic flash and marked by a flash symbol. The camera works.

VX 500
VX 500, #1535478, the name Exakta was discarded, the top plate is engraved with the inscription “aus DRESDEN”. It was another step towards the communist way of managing companies throwing away the logo Ihagee (symbol of private ownership). As Aguila and Rouah say, the nameplates were affixed at the final stage of assembly. The camera works.

VX 500





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