Exakta collectible cameras
Here you can find few lines for each version of the Kine. Between them the rarest Exakta 35mm and the first 35mm reflex in the world. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

Kine Exakta Version 1
#484994 Tessar 50/2.8 1937491 The camera is in very good condition, shutter fires, curtains work.. With the camera 2 heavy Tele Megor telephoto lenses (5,5/18cm and 5,5/15cm) and a black leather case.
Kine Exakta V1 jpg

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Kine Exakta Version 2
fine condition, works well, curtains very good, heavy Primoplan 1,9. A great item.

Body number 519335
Leather case.
Kine Exakta V2 jpg


Kine Exakta Version 3
The same as the second version except for the c in the engraved logo. The camera works even if its cosmetical condition is only not as good as the other 4 cameras.

Body number 520580
Leather case.
Kine Exakta Version 3 jpg

Kine Exakta Version 4
Rare to find in such condition, cosmetically fine, fully working, curtains very good. You can easily classify this version because of the 3rd threaded flash hole.

Body number 609320
Leather case.
Kine Exakta Version 4 jpg

Kine Exakta Version 5
This model was mainly sold in the U.S.A. This camera is working well, the curtains are in very good condition, the camera is cosmetically fine.

Body number 447313
Leather case.
Kine Exakta Version 5 jpg


Kine Exakta II Version 1
The upper part of the front plate is badly bended (in the following versions there is the solution to this problem). The shutter fires but the curtains move slowly. Cosmetically good. Fine black Biotar with Zeiss cap.

Body number 649541
Leather case.
Kine II Version 1 jpg

Kine Exakta II Vers 2/1
In the version 2 you can see how the upper part of the front plate was shaped to ensure more rigidity. The lens flange is black aluminum. On this camera you can see a big grain leather instead of the usual fine grain leather.The shutter fires while the curtains move slowly or stay open.

Cosmetically good. Body number 661951
Leather case.
Kine II Version 2/2 jpg

Kine Exakta Vers 2/2
On this camera the lens flange is white aluminum. Fine grain leather. The shutter fires and the curtains work. Cosmetically good. I named it Version 2/2 because of the differences with the previous camera.

Body number 667012
Leather case.
Kine II Version 2/2 jpg


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