Up to 1952 the cost of a reflex camera was the same of the several months' camera so - when the Exa arrived, with its lower price - the amateurs were happy. Feel free to print the pdf file for personal use without asking permission. I hope it can help you while your collection is growing!

Exa Black Flange V1
Exa, Version 1, #201981,
This Exa with 1/150 speed (previous cameras, a small batch, not more than 200, had 1/250). Pay attention to the body number (I do not know a Black Flange Exa over #204000), it is easy to replace the black flange! This camera works and it is in fine condition.

leather case
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Exa Black Flange V1
Louis Emmet Mahoney writes about his rare Exas.
I wish to thank the author for his efforts to make our knowledge grow. I hope to receive more articles like this one from other Exakta collectors!

Exa Ribbed Pattern V1
Exa, Version 1, #206332, ribbed pattern. I did not see this ribbed pattern on the Exas until I purchased my first Exa in the US. Two bipolar sockets, the release blocking rod on the finder and the shutter release button without protective cover. (half moon cover). The camera and the leather case are in very fine condition.  And now I wish to add another camera to my collection because of many reasons. The last is that the camera is near mint and the leather case too. What more? The body number is 210399.

Transitional V1-V2
And now a surprise: the transitional Exa version 1-2, with the shutter release safety cover. The body number is close to the end of the known range: 232498 The camera is in good condition with a fine leather case.

Exa Version 2
Exa, Version 2, #243299.Black coaxial sockets. I had this camera from Clement Aguila during the Castel San Giovanni fair, May 1999. It is difficult to find it (I saw one on ebay during the beginning of January 2004). The camera is in good condition. Dark brown leather case.

Exa Version 3
Exa version 3, #254479 Ihagee was very busy to produce day after day the camera on those days up to date, the Exakta Varex and all its accessories. The Varex was costing around three times the Exa’s price.. In those conditions it was easy to decide it must be produced by another company. Fine condition, leather case.

Exa Version 4
Exa, Version 4, #526989 This is the most common version, you can find it in fairs, in shops or on Ebay. I am happy to show this camera with its original box. The camera is in fine condition with a nice leather case. In the second page of the pdf file you can see a "naked" Exa without its leatherette.

Exa Version 5
Exa, Version 5, #557221 The unique modification of this version is the embossed logo, even if the graphics is the traditional one. On the case there is the Italian Importer name embossed on leather. Fine condition. Leather case.

Exa Version 6
Exa, Version 6, #563882 During the 25th year of production of the 35mm Exaktas, Ihagee introduced the black and white labels as for IIa as for the Exa. This camera is in it original box with owner registry card.

Exa I V1 (no eyelets)
EXA I, Version 1, #149717,
This camera had a completely a new body shape (even if technically the same of the previous models) and a new logo, a single socket for electronic flash or bulbs. This camera is in fine condition and its body number is one of the last of the range (100000-150000).

Exa I V2 (strap eyelets)
EXA I, Version 2, #163628, Almost identical to the previous version, except for the strap eyelets. This camera is in fine condition and its body number is in the middle of the range (105000 - 175000 A&R).

Exa Ia V1 (Ihagee)
EXA Ia, #321841
The body number is in the middle of the range (200000 - 440000). The logo Ihagee Dresden is still engraved on the top while on the last of the range there is the engraving “aus DRESDEN” like on the VX 1000. Fine condition.

Exa Ia Version 2
EXA Ia, #437304 The body number is at the end of its range (200000 - 440000). On the top there is the engraving “aus DRESDEN” like on the VX 1000. Fine condition.

Exa Ib
EXA Ib, #809557
Restarded production of the Exa Ia. Only differences the 42mm screw mount and the crank (it replaced the wind knob). This camera comes with Tessar, Makinon and Super Takumar to show the versatility of the 42mmmount.

Exa IIa Version 2
EXA IIa Version 2, #154983 The difference with version is made by the eyelets on the front of the camera. Works well and comes with a very nice leather case.

Exa 500
EXA 500, #306349
The body number is at the beginning of its range (280000 - 380000). The logo Ihagee Dresden is engraved on the top of the prism. Fine cosmetical condition but the mirror do not stop after loading (and the curtains too).

Exakta 500
EXAKTA 500, #371465 The same as the previous version. Problems in loading, some wear on the prism top, due to removable flash holder

VX 200
VX 200, #358727
Always the same camera but with a different label, probably for the US market. Very difficult to find. This camera works well and comes with a very nice black case.

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