Collectors have frequently debated whether or not this distinction should go to the Russian "Cnopm" or Sport. The last year or two has given opportunity for close enquiries to be made in Dresden and in Leningrad and Moscow. In particular information provided by the Polytechnical Museum, Moscow states that a prototype 35mm SLR was made in 1934 and this was improved and developed into the camera that became the Sport. "In 1937 it was perfected and brought into a state for production. The standard production began at the end of 1937, beginning of 1938". The Kine was the first but a lot of other models followed....
Kine Exakta
On this page you can find the five Kine models, the Round magnifier included, and the 2 Kine II + a variant of the second model.
A lot of information about pre-production cameras.
Varex and V (US)
Five cameras, part of them for the Euopean market (Varex) the other cameras (V) for the US market. It was the first Exakta with interchangeable finders

Varex VX - VX
Seven cameras as in European Version as in American. The last one has a modified frontplate (the name Varex was cancelled by seller)
Full of cameras (11, the rare version 4 included and its variants), this page gives you the black and white jpg of each camera.
Varex (europe) and VX (US), as usually. The only variant is the size of the screws on the frontplate. Pdf file for each of 3 Exakta.
VX 1000
Some slightly different models of the top cameras by Jhagee (on the last ones Ihagee logo disappeared..)
VX 500
Four different camera (with or without flash symbol), one of them very rare. It is a pre-production camera with body number 0000069.
On this page you can find 16 Exas. All the models and versions excep one I do not find (I have somewhere at home!)