A short premise. The first time I showed my cameras on the web (during 1996) I wrote: "Exakta collecting is growing all over the world". I am sure I was right. And now my apologies for my poor English even if I know there are at least 500 collectors a day who enjoy my site! This is the fourth restyling during these past 10 years, I hope you enjoy it.
VP Cameras
You can see here a lot of cameras: I found them during last 20 years, some of them unusual, some very rare, like the Ihagee Jr or the chrome 1/400 Night Exakta...

Survived Ihagee Jr
Survived Exakta Jr
35mm Exakta cameras
I spent a lot of time trough flea markets, shops, auction houses,
sending faxes to foreign dealers, paying top prices to find the missing models...
35mm Exa cameras
Once it was difficult to find the small Exa except for the version four of the first model. After the fell of the Berlin wall and after internet everything changed...

Exakta Blog
The blog is dedicated to rare, odd and unusual items sold on Ebay.
The best link
for 35mm exaktas and lenses
Articles about Exakta (many from the old site).
Very interesting info about the rare Ihagee Jr
Peretti Collection
Work in progress

As I wrote somewhere I feel myself a lucky collector. You can click here to look at my recent purchases.
New information about Ihagee Jr
Instruction books
2 pdf files to let you print your booklet
Ihagee patents
Feel free to write to buy this information on CD
The Exakta Circle
A collectors club with members throughout the UK and Western Europe, and in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Feel free to write me if you need information
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Very rare! Exakta cameras of the Pentacon Museum Dresden - A lot of prototypes!


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