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Exa black Flange
Exa ribbed pattern

Exa Version 1
Exa Version 2
Exa Version 3
Exa Version 4
Exa Version 5
Exa Version 6

Exa I Version 1
Exa I Version 2

Exa Ia

Exa Ib
Exa Ib Half Format

Exa II

Exa IIa Version 1
Exa IIa Version 2

Exa IIb

Exa 500
Exakta 500
VX 200

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Exa, Version 4, #526989
Not more Sommerda, Ihagee again. There is the spindle. So the back can be removed, even if I don't know the utility of doing (I have no news about alternative backs). A&R point out a difference: it is inside the camera, on the rear of the back, where the guides on the film pressure are missing. As for the exterior the two coaxial sockets are now chrome, not more black, not more M and X, but F and X. The body number of one of this camera is 526.989, out of the A&R's range (400.000 - 520.000).

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