linea150w.gif (840 byte)

Exa black Flange
Exa ribbed pattern

Exa Version 1
Exa Version 2
Exa Version 3
Exa Version 4
Exa Version 5
Exa Version 6

Exa I Version 1
Exa I Version 2

Exa Ia

Exa Ib
Exa Ib Half Format

Exa II

Exa IIa Version 1
Exa IIa Version 2

Exa IIb

Exa 500
Exakta 500
VX 200

Exa, Version 2
I had my camera from Clement Aguila during the Castel San Giovanni fair, May 1999. I brought it at home and I am not able (for now - I hope) to find it...

If you wish to know how to classify it, it is like Exa version 3   (black sockets)

rare to find

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