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Exakta Ihagee Club de France
The French circle for Exakta Ihagee collectors

28 dec 1988. This morning the postman arrived... everything as usually except... the envelope arrives from France and the sender is not a seller but, as printed on the envelope, the Exakta Ihagee Club de France. Suddenly I open the envelope and I find one of the best Christmas gifts, a small pocket book (7,5cm x 18cm) and four small format magazines, each of them printed in 25 copies. Firstly I started to browse the little book (60 printed pages, 91 pictures, more than 100 cameras): from the Kine (1936) to the Exakta 66 (1988), comprising Exas, prototypes, "false" Exaktas and many SLR cameras inspired to Exakta. Under every camera's picture there is a short description and the body nos. Range and the extimated production. I think that such a book is a necessary addition to a serious Exakta collection and a precious tool for camera collectors. I suppose this book's value can be higher than the EICF subscription fee. Here you can look at the index page.

And now a praise to the Club for their magazines:the page size is interesting (A5, 15cm x 21 cm), some pictures are printed in color, the layout and the font are very nice. The contents are very interesting, from technical articles to a discussion on the lens used by James Stewart in "Rear Window", from modified Exaktas to a praise to Pierre Angenieux. In the members' list there are the wellknown names of Clement Aguila, Prˇsident d'honneur, Harald Brochmann, Conseiller Technique, Jacques Dalbera, Secrˇtaire Gˇnˇral, Michel Rouah, Prˇsident, Jean-Pierre Salanick, Trˇsorier, Andrˇ Fage, Membre d'honneur.

In the October 1998 issue there is the Exakta Varex IIc (printed on the cover). I browse the pages and I find the original picture added for the members (another nice gift!). I wish to thank the EICF members for their efforts and I hope to meet them next year at Bievres (Paris).

If You wish to have information about joining the Club you can ask to Jacques Dalbera, the Secretary.

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